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Are you as agile as you think you are?

In the third article from our guest author, Dave Kelly of 2i Testing, Dave takes a look at the meaning of......... Agile. 

The term' Agile' is frequently used for managing projects and developing software - but are companies truly agile?

Dave looks at what it means to be agile. Are...

Scottish Games Companies: Company Connecting Infographic

In our latest infographic we take a look at companies working in the Games Sector in Scotland. The infographic includes information on sectors, skills, age, and location via graphs, word clouds and a map.

The size of the companies is similar to the Scottish norm i.e. 82% have less than 20...

Scottish Network and Telecoms companies: Company Connecting Infographic

Our latest infographic takes a look at the 383 Scottish companies that provide network and telecoms services and products.  We will look at other parts of the UK, when we refresh and review all our data in March.

This is the first infographic we have ever published which does not have...

Making a Difference. What does it mean to you?

This is the first in the ‘Making a Difference’ series. Various authors will present their perspective on ‘What Making a Difference’ means to them, their experiences, and guidance to others

Making a Difference: What Inspires you?

Company Connecting is preparing its publishing schedule for the ‘Making a Difference’ series.  At the start of month, Janice Grant Shaw of Company Connecting received a great response from a number of people on the potential for the series. Janice, will start the series with a look at what ‘...

How are the banking and legal sectors embracing AI and document automation software?

Greig Duncan of HotDocs Group (an AbacusNext company) looks at the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on document automation software in the banking and legal sectors.

AI has advanced significantly in recent years. Initially the introduction of AI was viewed suspiciously – its...

Increasing IT Skills in the Scottish Highlands with The Apprentice Store

David Massey introduces us to the Apprentice Store based in Inverness. The Apprentice Store was created in 2016 in response to a shortage of people working in the IT sector across the UK. 

David is Managing Director of the Apprentice Store. He found that that it was more difficult for...

Why career changers are just as important as the next generation by Sarah Foxley

We start the year with an article by Sarah Foxley, an ex-heritage professional who is now in her 2nd year with The Open University studying Computing and IT. She provides some real insights to how we can make a difference by investing in adult education for career changes as well as the younger...

Company Connecting: Making a Difference

Information Technology and everything associated with IT covers a huge range of disciplines and sectors. Every company makes use of technology in some way. It is interesting to hear other peoples views of companies and people that work in the tech sector. Technology is not just about geeks...

Glasgow Looks to the Future: A Growing Tech Economy

Company Connecting’s latest article focuses on Glasgow and how it fits into the UK tech landscape.