4000 IT Companies: Company Connecting Infographic

Our new series of infographics brings information on the 4,000 IT companies that Company Connecting has researched. Companies also register with us, and extend their profiles. If you are an IT company and not sure whether we have a profile, then please go ahead and register so that we can create a profile for you.

This new series, will provide information on our companies across a variety of cities, regions and countries. We currently have information on 2,400+ IT companies in Scotland, almost 1,400 in the rest of the UK, and 200 from other parts of the world. Estonia is a bit of a hot spot for us.

Software Development once again dominates the skills category, with 36% of IT companies providing software development services to their customers. The companies are not huge, with 73% having less than 10 employees.

Check out all the information in our infographic by following with link below. We would like to learn more about what is of interest to others, so it would be great to get some feedback too.

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