Benevolent AI: Shaping the Future of Scientific Discovery

During the first few weeks of 2017 Company Connecting has brought you a range of infographics and interactive maps which give some real insight into the Scottish IT landscape. There are many more to come, including new insights from the rest of the UK and Europe as we expand our offering and our data grows.

For now though, we bring you our first spotlight series of 2017. Company Connecting is taking a look at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, two central technologies which are shaping and defining our world, both in terms of IT and Tech, but also society at large.

First up in our series is Benevolent AI. Benevolent are the London based company who use artificial intelligence to understand and reimagine scientific discovery. In their own words:

‘’Despite the huge growth of knowledge, scientific discovery has not changed for 50 years.  It’s impossible for humans alone to process all the information potentially available to advance scientific research.  A new scientific paper is published every 30 seconds, there are 10,000 updates to PubMed every day.  Consequently, only a small fraction of globally generated scientific information can form ‘useable’ knowledge.  Specifically, in Pharma innovation has not changed (cost, time & risk – still applying 20th Century methods to 21st Century problems) and is not meeting the needs of patients – patients are unnecessarily waiting for new medicines.

BenevolentAI are applying its proprietary AI technology to change this problem by enabling the analysis of vast quantities of complex scientific information and creating usable knowledge that can be applied.’’

To get the full insights from Company Connecting’s interview with Benevolent AI, follow the link below. Also, be sure to register with Company Connecting to find Artificial Intelligence companies who can shape and grow your business.



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