Company Connecting: Making a Difference

Information Technology and everything associated with IT covers a huge range of disciplines and sectors. Every company makes use of technology in some way. It is interesting to hear other peoples views of companies and people that work in the tech sector. Technology is not just about geeks sitting by themselves dreaming up new ways of using tech. It is about creativity, communicating, innovation and the drive by many to ‘make a difference’.

It is really important to recognise this desire and to highlight the many ways that people and companies strive to make a difference. We are launching a new series this month to provide tech people with a platform to tell their ‘making a difference’ story – kicking off with Janice Grant Shaw and the drivers behind Company Connecting.

Company Connecting already has several series about start ups, doing things differently, Nutshells and highlighting students and graduates. You can follow the links below to read some of these articles.

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