Edinburgh vs Cambridge: Infographic

Edinburgh and Cambridge are two old cities steeped in history and tradition. They’ve also both had technological revolutions in recent years leading to both cities playing a significant role in the IT and Tech industries of the UK.

Edinburgh is significantly larger population-wise, but as we use Company Connecting data to compare the IT industries of the two cities, it becomes clear that Cambridge punches well above its weight. Company Connecting data has been used to publish many infographics, and the latest of these shows a clear comparison of technologies and skills between Edinburgh and Cambridge.

One insight made visible by the data is that Edinburgh has more of a FinTech focus, while Cambridge’s industry is represented heavily by Healthcare and Education. In the article we offer many more fantastic insights, comparing the city with the biggest IT industry in Scotland to a smaller English city whose industry is undoubtedly boosted by its proximity to London.

You’ll find the article by following the link below. It’s a really interesting read.

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