Estonian Digital Health Series: An Interview with SoftComply

It’s day three in our Estonian Digital Health series! We’ve already spoken with four fantastic companies working in all areas of digital health which you can view over on our News section. Next up in the series is SoftComply, a company specialising in regulatory compliance. Their motivation is helping to get high valuable new healthcare technologies to marketing and navigating things like European CE regulations or US FDA regulations. They are based both in Estonia, a highly innovative and technological country with schemes such as the E-Residency, as well as Ireland, home to many of the world's biggest tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Ebay.

Naturally, SoftComply are well placed to comment on the state of the digital health industry in Estonia  and across Europe as they work with many of the new innovators in the compliance aspect. Our interview also deals with SoftComply themselves, the faces behind the company, as well as their own take on the intricate areas of medical tech compliance.

You can read the full interview through the article link below:

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