The Future of Identity with BioConnect

Financial technology is on the rise, banking is catching up with the transformations in technology and the increasingly digital world in which we all live. However, with more personal and financial information, transactions, and accounts being accessible online- the risk posed to this information is also increased.

So how do we develop a means of validating the identities of individuals? Currently we use passwords, PIN numbers, and memorable information to access our digital devices, accounts, apps and so on.

BioConnect is a Canada based company who envisage the future of identity within Biometrics:

‘At BioConnect, we believe that your identity does not lie in something you know, or something you have - your identity is something you are. We all have characteristics that are unique to us, called biometrics, and we want to empower people to authenticate with these features; whether that be face, eyes, fingerprint, the way you walk or the sound of your voice -- any biometric type for that matter.’

Company Connecting spoke to BioConnect to get the insights and details on their work, their motivation, and their connections to the world of Financial Technology. The interview has produced some truly fascinating insights, you can read the full piece below: 

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