How to Use the Company Connecting Search

In order to use the Company Connecting search, you must be a registered member and logged into Company Connecting.

Click the green button to the right of this blog to register.

Start your search with the main area of interest  e.g. 3D, RFID, Retail, Healthcare, softwae etc. All the companies matching the keyword are returned. You are then able to select from other terms on the left hand side of the screen e.g. company size, country, sector, skills. A short company description is displayed for each company. The seach does not return company names, if you want to know the names of companies then please contact us. The search does enable you to get a good idea of the availablity of the number of companies with the appropriate skills. This is helpful for analysing the technical environment for particular skills, understanding the size of companies and the techncial landscape.

The links below provide examples of searches.

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