IT companies with APP development skills

Our infographic this week is IT companies who are involved in developing APPs. We have 266 on our database of which 211 are in Scotland. Some facts ahead of the infographic:

  • The top 5 sectors for APP Development are: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Games, and Oil & Gas
  • 65% of Apps development companies have less than 10 employees
  • Glasgow is the main centre for Apps development in Scotland with 47 companies
  • Cambridge has 26 companies involved in Apps development

Please Note: We have loaded data for 95%+ IT companies in Scotland and are almost finished gathering data Cambridgeshire. To get your company details prioritised for adding to  Company Connecting then please register)

You can view our infographics and maps via the links below or by going straight to our news section.

App DevelopmentCambridgeCyber Security
IT Companies with APP Development skills: Infographic from Company Connecting.Company Connecting Infographic: IT companies in Inverness and the surrounding areaInteractive MAP of IT companies working in the Healthcare SectorIT Companies in Scotland: Infographic from Company Connecting