A look at IT companies in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow

We take a look back at some of our 2018  infographics based on IT and telecoms companies in three of Scotlands largest cities, EdinburghGlasgow and Aberdeen. The infographics provide details on the sectors, skills, size, age etc. of these IT companies

Our Glasgow article covers 695 companies, which is 25% of all Scottish IT and telecoms companies. The top three sectors are SME (small to medium sized enterprise), healthcare and financial services. Web Development is the top skill i.e. 27% of the IT companies have web development as a skill. You can read the whole article to get more details Click here to have a look!

Edinburgh has 705 companies - slightly more IT companies than Glasgow. This means that Glasgow and Edinburgh alone cover 50% of all digital technologies companies in Scotland. The three largest sectors are financial services, SME and retail/consumer goods. Edinburghs largest skill is Software Development with 26% of all IT/Telecoms companies having it as a skill. You can find out more by clicking here!

The last infographic covers both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire which unlike the previous two only covered cities. But it's still an interesting look into Scottish IT and tech companies outwith the central belt.  Aberdeen has 284 IT and telecoms companies. Given the importance of North Sea Oil in the North East of Scotland, it is not suprising  that the largest client sector for Aberdeen's IT companies is  oil and gas, followed by SME and engineering. The top skill in the area is Software Development with 27% of the 284 companies providing software development and services. You can have a look here!

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