Scottish Government Calls for Information and Feedback on Digital Health Strategy

The Scottish Government has issued a request for people to give opinions and feedback on the Government's approach to eHealth / Digital Health. There is a constantly growing recognition that Digital Health is one of the fastest growing fields in tech, and the Government are therefore keen to create effective eHealth strategies for the future. 

The growing importance of the Digital Health industry is something Company Connecting are more than aware of, as Company Connecting data is the authoritative, most comprehensive source for data on IT and tech companies in Scotland. Tomorrow this data will be used to publish a topical infographic on the Scottish Digital Health industry that will shed some light on the industry the Scottish Government are so keen to learn more about. There is also a very large amount of Digital Health content on this site (some of which are linked below), including interviews with very interesting individuals and companies embedded in the industry..

To read about the Government's request for information on Digital Health, click the link below.

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