Scottish technology companies by geography | Company Connecting 2019-2020 series

Company Connecting has published 12 infographics in its 2019/2020 series. We have almost 5,000 companies on our database, 2,656 of which are based in Scotland. We will be adding a further 150 that were formed in 2019 and have a website.

We present the information in several ways, and each infographic contains information on companies’ size, age, sectors, skills, focus areas etc.

This series of companies concentrates on the 2,656 Scottish companies.. Below are the links to the 6 geographically based infographics. A separate blog has the links to the sector-based infographics.

Scottish tech companies : overview of 2,656 Scottish tech companies. This infographic includes a map of where the companies are based in Scotland.

Glasgow tech companies: overview of 624 tech companies based in Glasgow. The tech companies have a strong presence in the healthcare, financial services, and education sectors

Edinburgh tech companies: overview of 645 tech companies based in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has a strong financial services industry with over 12% of its IT companies working in this sector.

Aberdeen tech companies: overview of 203 tech companies based in Aberdeen. Not surprisingly Aberdeen has a high number of companies involved in the Oil & Gas sector. In fact, 53% of Aberdeen based tech companies work in Oil & Gas.

Dundee tech companies: overview of 89 tech companies based in Dundee. 21% of the IT companies work within the games sector and many of the other companies have games related skills such as 3D art, animation, and virtual reality.

Highland tech companies: overview of 90 tech companies based in the Highland Council area. Healthcare and digital health are key sectors in the highland area