Spotlight on Augmented Reality from Company Connecting

Over the past two weeks we have concentrated on IT companies working in the area of Augmented Reality and other related technologies.

We have published articles from companies and people using and working with Augmented Reality. We have also published an infographic and a video which provides a summary of the types of companies working in Augmented Reality, Virtual Realty, 3D, animation and other related technologies.

The Inverness area and the Highlands of Scotland have featured strongly. We have spoken with Kate Stevenson of ARiiS AR and featured the delightful work of David Plested, the creator of “Fairy Glen School for Fairies – An Adventurous Journey”.

You can follow the links below to read all our articles on Augmented Reality and check out our infographic

Augmented Reality3D Visualisation Hub3DVirtual Reality
IT Companies with Augmented Reality, 3D, GIS and other related skillsAugmented reality; An interview with Ariis ARAugmented Reality and Virtual Reality? What does it all mean? In a Nutshell with Kate Stevenson of AriiS ARFairies in the Highlands exist, with the help of Virtual and Augmented RealityCompany Connecting Augmented Reality info VideoThe Only Limit to Augmented Reality is our Imagination: An Interview with Calum McHardy of Unicom