We are adding new features to Company Connecting

We are making changes to Company Connecting based on the feedback we received from our users and visitors.  We have already added the blog which let's us publish short pieces of information.

The further changes we are making are:

  • We are converting to a subscription model to make it easier for companies to view company profiles.
  • For our registered IT companies this means that they will be able to view up to five company profiles per month (FREE)
  • All other companies can subscribe and view company profiles.
  • IT companies will also have the option to add case studies and accreditations.
  • We are adding a new opportunity section. Any company will be able to publish an opportunity to publicise an event, service, need etc.
  • We are also enabling banner and side bar advertisements.

If you notice any issues with the site as we enable and test the new features, please contact our support e-mail support@companyconnecting.com.  Your feedback helps us to provide our visitors with what they need from the site.

Please check out our latest news article by following the link below.

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