When’s the best time to share on Facebook?

Company Connecting is continuing on with our theme of Artificial Intelligence for the next two weeks bringing you a range of articles, interviews and infographics from some of the most exciting companies and individuals in the field.

Next up we bring you social media insights from the social media and publishing experts, Echobox. Echobox and their AI nicknamed ‘Larry’ work with publishers and marketing teams with large scale social media strategies. The insights provided are priceless to companies of various sizes in aiding and better understanding their own social media and digital marketing. In Echobox’s own words:

‘’Echobox analyzes your historical and real-time data to create an entire social media strategy for you. He also keeps an eye on what's currently trending and what your followers are talking about to adapt your social media strategy in real-time.

Larry helps you pick catchy, summarising share messages that resonate with your audience. He also searches for relevant hashtags and adds them to your shares so that your content always forms part of a bigger conversation.’’

Read the article below for the full insights:

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