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Insights on Scottish tech companies formed in the recent years

Company Connecting researched 5,000 Scottish tech companies registered with Companies House between October 2014 and December 2017. We have created a database with a considerable amount of data which we use to gain insights into these new Scottish tech companies. This complements our existing...

Recent Changes at Google: HTTP & HTTPS

Google recently announced that it would make all plain HTTP pages on the web “not secure”. But what does this mean? What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and how can one make sure to comply with Google’s policies? We take a look at this in this article, as well as recent changes at...

Know the difference between IT and Marketing Companies

Don't confuse your marketing company with your IT company!

This week we take at look at some of the differences between IT and digital marketing companies. Some  marketing...

Want to get involved? What’s new with Company Connecting for 2019

In December 2018 we completed some major pieces of research and are planning our activities for 2019.

Scottish tech Companies

We have brought  all our data on Scottish companies up to date with information on companies created up to the end of 2017. We also have a...

A look at IT companies in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow

This page covers Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen IT and Telecoms Companies. It provides a summary the skills, business focus and sectors in these cities

Startups and Social Enterprise make a difference

Our new article focuses on making a difference through business. We often hear founders saying "I want to make the world a better place". We take a look at Social Enterprises, what they are and some ways in which they function. A short...

Good Social Networking tools for a new business

There is so much to consider when starting up a business, and so much advice and choice of tools! So, today we take a look at some  tools to help raise the visibility of your startup . We cover four tools to make it easier - see here!...

The Road to Validating Your Startup Idea

All successful startups have one thing in common: they all started with a great idea. 

.... the main cause of startup failure is due to founders coming up with ideas that have no market need, hence the need to validate your idea is real.

Success in IoT - 8 Things to Stop Doing Right now!

Continuing our series on the Internet of Things our guest author takes a bit of an alternative view!

We have recently published a few articles and an infographic on IoT (the Internet of Things).

This week we take a look at what we should stop doing when talking about IoT. Many...

Jumpstart takes a look at Artificial Intelligence

Our partner, Jumpstart, takes a look at the application of technologies like Artificial Intelligence to recognise speed signs, work with talking machines and protect our personal and business data. 

Technology continues to accelerate  and innovative companies are buildng new products and...