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Scottish Artificial Intelligence Infographic

The latest Company Connecting infographic provides graphics on 186 Scottish Tech companies that have Artificial Intelligence related skills. 

These companies are part of 4,437 tech companies researched by Company Connecting. We have published many different ...

Emma Findlow from Wallscope on Code Sprints

So what is a code sprint and what benefits could it bring to your business? Emma Findlow of Wallscope explains, and outlines the benefits and outcomes of Wallscope's most recent sprint event. This focused on turning infORmation from anonymised medical documents and NHS open data into a visual...

Infographic of 932 Scottish Software Development companies

Software Development is the top ‘skill’ among the 4,428 tech companies researched by Company Connecting. We have published many different infographics for various demographics, skills and sectors. Software Development repeatedly comes out as the top skill.l.

The Start Up Series by Company Connecting

Insights into starting a company - one woman's experience. These articles were all written by Company Connecting director Janice Grant Shaw and draw upon her own experience in establishing Company Connecting. You can read about the journey from a background in farming and whisky to fighting...

How can I crowdfund my tech company?

Jes Bailey is an expert in crowdfunding. She helps entrepreneurs raise money for their businesses and projects and has an amazing 80% success rate in getting the funding.

So how easy is it for a tech company to crowdfund? Jes describes the difference between reward and equity funding and...

What are The Benefits of Taking R&D Tax Advice?

In the third article of the Company Connecting series on R&D tax relief, Lindsay Miller of Jumpstart asks the question ‘What are the benefits of taking R&D Tax Advice’? She also provides four key questions that tech companies should ask when engaging an R&D tax advisor.

Infographic of 1790 technology companies with Software Development skills

Software Development is the top ‘skill’ among the 4,400 Company Connecting has researched. In its infographic series, Software Development repeatedly comes out as the tops skill, by City, Sector, Council, etc.

We first published...

Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?

In the second of the Company Connecting series on R&D Tax credits, our guest author Mark Westwood, a technical analyst at Jumpstart asks the question "Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?"

An Idiots Guide to R & D Tax Credits

Company Connecting has partnered with Jumpstart to provide information on the Government R & D Tax Credit Scheme. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing several articles to provide a better understanding of the scheme. We will also be publishing more infographics on tech areas such as...

2018 Scottish Business and Tech Events: A Company Connecting Directory

The Company Connecting Events Directory: Over the past few years, Laurent Mélin-Quinn has built and maintained a list of business and technology events in Scotland. His research contains loads of information i.e. the event title, date, skills, location and sector, from 2016 to 2018. He has very...