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Matthew Mackay: Marketing Intern at Nalytics

“Enjoy the years that don’t count, so that you’re prepared to work hard during the ones that do.”

What a great piece of advice from Matthew Mackay, a marketing intern at Nalytics in Glasgow.

Matthew Mackay is the latest subject of our student and graduate series. He graduated from...

Glasgow IT Companies: The Company Connecting 4000 infographic series

This week our infographic summarises the skills, sectors, size etc. of IT companies registered or with a base in Glasgow. Last week we took a look at all the 4,000 IT companies – which sets a benchmark to compare the Glasgow data against.

  • There are many common factors between the
  • ...

Matthew Dickinson: Life as an Apprentice in Technology and Telecoms

We interviewed Matthew Dickinson, a young chap who left school in 2015 with no qualifications. He is now an apprentice with The Apprentice Store based in Inverness. Via the Shirlie project, he had three placements, and his placement within the NHS IT department convinced him that IT was where...

In a Nutshell: Robin Prior MD of Abergower, specialists in 3D Printing & Document Scanning

We are bringing back our “In a Nutshell” series where we ask entrepreneurs and business people a series of questions to get an idea of what makes them tick.

This week the spotlight is on Robin Prior who started out as a trainee salesman for Tandy TRS80 series. Today he is Managing...

Are you a student, apprentice, intern or recent graduate?

The ability to use and work with technology is becoming more and more important. It’s important to attract young people into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and also provide flexibility within education to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to think about...

What do you want to know about IT Companies?

We are working on a new set of infographics based on the information we have researched on 4,000 IT companies on our database. Previously we have published information mainly related to Scotland. We would like your input on the information you would like to see about IT companies and skills.

Wi-Fi Security – Krack Wifi Vulnerabilty

This is the third in the series of articles from security experts Forfusion. Over the past few weeks we have taken a look at GDPR  and points to consider when thinking about your company’s IT Security. This week’s article is continues with the security theme. Anthony McMenzie takes a  look at Wi...

Why we test: The Software Testing Dilemma

In the first article from Dave Kelly and his team at 2i Testing, we looked at taking an idea from conception to reality, the importance of engaging with the right suppliers, and the need for testing. This second article takes a look at why testing is so important.

Idea to Reality: Engage with suppliers and test, test, test

Testing is an integral part of delivering any piece of software and yet its importance is often overlooked and not considered as an integral part of the project from the start. In ‘traditional’ software developments, testing is generally about 25% to 33% of the total project. This covers module...

10 points to consider when thinking about your company’s IT Security

"The human element is the most common vector for an attacker, an educated or trained end-user is an asset to any organisation when he or she takes proactive steps to alert security personnel." (Hummel.R, 2017)

Lewis Stewart continues the Forfusion series with a pragmatic look at...