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Company Connecting spotlight on e-learning and edtech

There is loads of information on ‘Fintech’ and its impact. However there are other areas where technology is making a very significant impact: e-learning / training, sometimes known as edtech, and healthcare or digital healthcare. Over the next few months we will publish articles on the impact...

When do you know if you have an IT problem?

The key for any small business is to reduce the risk of experiencing an IT problem that impacts its business.

Interview with Liam Simpson: Company Connecting's Digital Marketing Intern

Interview with Liam Simpson, RGU student / CC Marketing intern: discussing the benefits of student placements and stepping into the unknown.

Its all Happening at Company Connecting

Company Connecting is currently adding lots of new Companies to our data to ensure we remain the authority for information on IT and tech SMEs.

Here's looking at you Newcastle and North East England

The tech industry in the North East is buzzing - loads of IT companies, a vibrant University community and organisations supporting tech initiatives.

Focus on IT in Edinburgh

Company Connecting to focus on IT in Edinburgh, publishing an infographic and artifcles with some interesting companies.

Covering Your Tracks - Do you have something to Hide?

This week at Company Connecting we are publishing a series of articles by Professor Bill Buchanan on Cyber Security and Cyber Crime. Bill is a Scottish computer scientist who leads the Centre for Distributed Computing and Security at Edinburgh Napier University, as well as The Cyber Academy....

IT Companies with Cyber Security skills: A Company Connecting infographic

October is European Cyber Security month and throughout October, Company Connecting is publishing a number of articles and videos which reflect the diversity within Cyber Security.

Today, we have updated our Cyber Security infographic to provide an overview of the types of IT companies...

North East Scotland Digital Skills Survey

Company Connecting is carrying out a survey on behalf of Aberdeen City Council to identify the need and demand for a range of digital skills in the North East of Scotland to identify opportunities for training and to support the delivery of a city based 'Digital Academy'. 

We have issued...

The Human Side of Cyber Security: Insider threats and how to identify them.

Doug Sampson is the Founder and CEO of Soteritech based in Virginia, USA. He is a graduate of Cornell University and is passionate about Cyber Security. He cites the recent hack of over 500 million Yahoo user accounts and the potentially damaging effects on the individuals as a major motivator...