Aerospace is the branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space flight.(astronautics). Aerospace organisations research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and/or spacecraft. Aerospace activity is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Normally we just publish a map of a sector or skill - see earlier article in our news section.

However we found the spread of IT company sizes working in the the Aerospace & Defence interesting and decided to make an infographic today as well.

Map of IT companies working in the Aerospace & Defence sector

From Alness to Darvel, we bring you a map of the Scottish IT companies working in the Aerospace and Defence Sector. The top locations for IT companies in this sector are Glasgow (10), Edinburgh (8) and Dunfermline (4).

We have started to load the information for the rest of the UK so there are a few companies from England on the map too.

MAp of our Map showing where Aerospace and Defence skills are in Scotland and the UK