Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the real time view of a real-world environment, both direct or indirect. This environment is augmented by computer-generated sensory information such as GPS data, sound, video, images, and graphics. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality seeks to enhance an individual’s current perception of reality, rather than replace it with an alternative reality.

Spotlight on Augmented Reality from Company Connecting

Over the past two weeks we have concentrated on IT companies working in the area of Augmented Reality and other related technologies.

We have published articles from companies and people using and working with Augmented Reality. We have also published an infographic and a video which...

Banking in 2025 by Alex Nechoroskovas

FinTech influencer Alex Nech imagines banking in 2025: He sees secure and convenient banks complete with artificially intelligent personal finance advisors

Banking has hardly changed until very recently. Yes, in the early 2000’s we started slowly adopting telephone banking, then there was Internet banking, now there is mobile banking. However, all of this ‘innovation’ simply changed how we access banking, not how we bank. I believe the upcoming changes  will change how we bank too, hopefully, making it more secure and convenient.

Photographs of 100 Euros notes accompanying the Company Connecting articleBanking in 2025 by Alex Nechoroskovas

This week we talked with Calum McHardy– director of Unicom. Unicom offers a wide range of digital services relating to 3D animation and digital presentation. However, our talk continued Company Connecting’s series on Augmented reality.

Augmented Reality picture of a building from Wikipedia Commons UAR NAi Best Practice Poster

Healthcare and Augmented Reality, one minute facts from Company Connecting.

Previously we published a video on Augmented Reality using infographics with data from our database as well as some other sources. This video concentrates on the use of Augmented Reality within the Healthcare and medical area.

Picture of man looking at screens accompanying the article Healthcare and Augmented Reality: Company Connecting 1 minute video

We spoke with Trevor Jones, an artist and director of Creativtek to get his views of AR and art. Creativtek has developed the Creativmuse platform which enables artists to add AR to their artwork. Trevor believes that art is about communicating ideas and that AR is a perfect tool for artists.

Augmented Reality Reality image Augmented Reality: the perfect tool for artists

We continue our look at companies working in various areas of Augmented Reality. 

Andrew Jackson, director of ooh-AR has a background in journalism and publishing . He had a 'Eureka' moment four years ago when he saw his first AR demo. He knew immediately the value that AR could add to print projects. He loved the concept and was fascinated by all the possibilities.

Augmented Reality representation accompanying the article on ooh-AR

This week we sat down with Kate Stevenson of Scottish Augmented Reality firm Ariis AR to talk about her perception of the industry and the future of the technology

Picture of Windmills to accompany the interview with Company Connecting Kate Stevenson of ARiiS AR on Augmented Reality

“Fairy Glen School for Fairies – An Adventurous Journey”, is a full colour digitally illustrated children’s book, developed by David Plested as part of his University degree curriculum. The business idea was to create a product that could help parents better connect their children to nature and the environment. The story is set within a popular local visitor area owned by the RSPB,

Picture of fairies accompanying the articles Fairies in the Highlands exist, with the help of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Continuing our Augmented Reality theme, Kate Stevenson of ARiiS is our nutshell this week. She has a varied background ranging from marketing and teaching to the fire service. She now works with Scott Mcleod at ARiiS providing and augmented reality interface facility between the physical and digital world.

Two people using AR to preview designs