Big Data

So what is Big Data?

One definition is that it is data sets which are beyond the ability of 'standard' software to manage / process, and with high volumes being produced with a time period. The main focus is on unstructured data but it includes structured data too. See wikipedia for more info:

In a Nutshell with Vinod Patel of secur-IT-ism

Our Nutshell this week, Vino Patel, has adopted a unique and radical approach to Cyber Security. His start-up company, secur-IT-ism, recognises the blend of skills needed to address security cyber security issues. His team includes graduates diagnosed with Aspergers or high functioning autism.  ...

Cambridge IT Companies

We have published the details of the Cambridgeshire companies we currently have on Company Connecting. We have loaded about half of the companies so far. More than 50% of these companies provide Software Development services, 14 provide Cyber Security and 4 are involved in Big Data....

Our map this week is an interactive map of companies working in the field of Big DataWe are in the early stages of loading data for England, but we do have the data for Scotland. Out of 42 companies working with Big Data in some form or another, 29 are in Scotland, and of these 10 are in Edinburgh.

Interactive Map of Big Data prodcuts and services in the UK

SBNN Interview with Janice Grant Shaw, written by James Wyllie

“I’ve often said to people that there are those talented artistically and musically but, actually, my talent is data,” she explains.

As the former managing director for a software products and services company, Janice has used her knowledge to create Company Connecting, a directory which helps businesses to find the perfect IT firm to suit their needs.

Company Connecting - Internet Dating for Companies

Information technology has always been full of buzzwords and jargon. It can be disconcerting for those that consider themselves non-technical and also for technical people too.  Big Data is everywhere these days. So what does it really mean?

What is Big Data - and can technologists rise t the challenge