Blockchain is a distributed database which maintains a continuously growing list of data records which are protected from tampering and revision. A blocchain is structured in 'blocks' that hold exclusively data in initial blockchain implementations and both data and programs in some of the more recent implementations. Each block holds batches of individual transactions as well as a timestamp and information that links it to a previous block.

The Student and Graduate Series: Iona Murray of Wallet.Services

Next instalment in our Student & Graduate series: we spoke to Iona Murray of Wallet.Services who's also studying Marketing & Business in Edinburgh.

Banking has hardly changed until very recently. Yes, in the early 2000’s we started slowly adopting telephone banking, then there was Internet banking, now there is mobile banking. However, all of this ‘innovation’ simply changed how we access banking, not how we bank. I believe the upcoming changes  will change how we bank too, hopefully, making it more secure and convenient.

Photographs of 100 Euros notes accompanying the Company Connecting articleBanking in 2025 by Alex Nechoroskovas