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10 Reasons to Register with Company Connecting

10 reasons why registering with Company Connecting is essential for anyone involved in IT or even non-IT business.

Registering with Company Connecting is easy. Check out 10 reasons which can help add value to your business. 

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Interview with a departing member of the Company Connecting team - talking about the tech industry as an outsider, travel, studying and more.

Departing interview with Jordan of Company Connecting - the tech industry as an outsider

When I started Company Connecting, I never thought of it as a ‘Start up’. I had several ideas for a business and key for me was to be independent and live up to my new motto ‘Life is too short to work for someone else’.

Life is too short to work for someone else. Company Connecting Start up series Part One

Company Connecting Space

Company Connecting specializes in IT and tech but everybody knows that tech is not just digital. Working with some of our clients means we are exploring tech in the context of space and hence that bringing us into contact with some new brilliant and inspiring people and companies. Our unique...

Graduate series: An interview with James Holland

Company Connecting’s latest instalment of the Graduate Series is now live. This interview is slightly different however, as we interview our own outgoing intern James Holland. James has been working with Company Connecting over the past three months as part of a Santander and University of...

Holistic Integrated Cyber-Physical or Industrial Cyber Security

Cevn Vibert has already contributed two fantastic articles to Company Connecting’s continuing Cyber Security Month. His first two articles focused on a career in Cyber Security, and Cyber Security for Industry. Continuing with the theme of protecting industry, Cevn has drafted a detailed and...

This is the third in our series of articles from Cyber Security expert Cevn Vibert. This week Cevn goes beyond Cyber Security and back to security basics e.g. physical security for control centres.

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