Company Connecting Infographic: IT companies in Dundee and Angus

Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in Dundee City and Angus 

There are 95 companies in the area of which 68% of companies have less than 10 employees, and 14% have more than 20 employees. 

Once again Software Development is the top skill (30 companies). The other skills in the top three are Mobile Applications and App development. The skills perhaps reflect on the strong focus on Games within the area.

Games comes top for both the business focus and the sectors by a significant amount. The Oil & Gas Sector also appears in the top three

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This is the sixth area infographic we have published. It is worth comparing all six. You can look at the other infographics by clicking the links for each of the locations for AberdeenInvernessGlasgowEdinburgh and Cambridgeshire

Please take a look at our infographic below. It is interactive, so you can hover over the word clouds and charts to get more information.



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First published on Company Connecting November 2015

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