A comparison of the IT and telecoms companies in Glasgow and Edinburgh

This week’s Company Connecting infographic compares IT and Telecoms companies in Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are 695 companies in Glasgow and 705 in Edinburgh which is about 50% of the tech companies in Scotland. Company Connecting has detailed information on 4,437 tech companies of which 2,763 are in Scotland.


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In the infographic below you can use the tabs to compare the cites for sector, size, age, skills, and business focus area. Some quick stats:

  • The distribution of company ages is very similar between Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Both Web Design and Software development are the top skills for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Glasgow and Edinburgh share six sectors and six business focal areas in their Top 10's.

There is lots more information in the infographic below. It is interactive you can click to view the details for both Edinburgh and Glasgow. More facts can be viewed by hovering over the charts.



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"Glasgow and Edinburgh Companies with IT skills" First published on Company Connecting October 2018

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