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Mobile Devices and Cyber Security

Mobile devices are now used more than ever for a range of purposes from sending emails to browsing the web. In his second article for Company Connecting, cyber security consultant Mark Chimley, tackles how to stay secure on mobile devices. Mark’s article is full of great insights on how, when,...

Mark Chimley, an Information Assurance Architect and Cyber Security Consultant asks "What are reasonable mobile computing security procedures?"

Working on the Move

I am writing this on a train using mobile computing devices (a netbook and a phone) and I'm fairly happy with the security measures I've put in place and the procedures I'm using to enable mobile computing, but are these appropriate controls for the majority of people? There is always a risk involved in carrying out business practices outside of an office environment but it's pretty obvious that the advantages of the mobile office in its various forms are such that few of us can constrain our work to just occurring within a traditional office.