Financial technology

Fintech or Financial Technology is the name given to an industry made up of companies that use technological innovation to disrupt the existing marketplace of major banks, financial institutions, and financial services. This work spans both start ups and SME’s, but also covers large scale, established financial and technology companies improving and updating their own services through technological innovation.

Scottish Financial Services Infographic 2018

Company Connecting continues its publication of infographics on the state of IT and Tech industries in Scotland with a look at the IT and telecoms companies that work in the Financial services area.

We have defined 'financial services' as those companies providing products and services to...

The infographic covers 283 tech companies that work in the financial services area i.e. 6% of the IT and telecoms companies in Scotland. Company Connecting has detailed information on 4,450 tech companies of which almost 2,800 are in Scotland.

A Illuminated Cityscape of Edinburgh accompanything the article Scottish Financial Services Infographic 2018

Scottish FinTech Infographic

Company Connecting Infographic on the state of Scottish Financial Technology, more commonly known as FinTech.

We've recently developed overviews of Scotland’s progress in some of the biggest IT/tech industries. This week it's an infographic looking at Scottish FinTech.

Scottish FinTech Infographic from Company Connecting

An Interview with Seismic, the Sales Enablement Platform

FinTech across the pond in the USA: Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for institutional financial services firms worldwide.

Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for institutional financial services firms worldwide. Seismic’s platform gives asset and wealth management firms and business banks the ability to deliver the right client content at the right time, facilitating a world-class client experience. With Seismic, marketing teams are automating the personalisation of client-facing materials via Seimsic’s award-winning LiveDocs® technology, which are then automatically accessed by distribution teams at any time, on any device, and always fully compliant, allowing them to spend more time developing and nurturing client relationships. 

Image of Seismic logo accomanying an Interview with Seismic, the Sales Enablement Platform

Better Banking Decisions with Starling Bank

Anne Boden started Starling Bank after witnessing the financial crash and realising the banking world was out of sync with modern customer demands.

Starling offers a completely new way for people to control and look after their finances, offering a fully mobile account with unparalleled tools and insights into everyday spending. Ultimately, we have the customer at the heart of everything we do. 

Starling Bank smart watch tech.

The Future of Banking: An Interview with GoCardless

Interview with UK based GoCardless who are making waves with their re-imagining of the traditional bank-to-bank payments system.

GoCardless began when its founders saw an opportunity to improve the existing bank-to-bank payments system, Direct Debit. Although a highly trusted payment method, Direct Debit was slow, difficult to access, difficult to use and reliant on inefficient legacy systems. Thanks to technology, GoCardless brought Direct Debit into the digital age and is making payments work better for all businesses, from sole traders and startups to large corporations such as Thomas Cook and the Financial Times. Taking payments with GoCardless has many benefits, from simple online setup to fully flexible payment integrations with leading cloud accounting and billing platforms. At present, GoCardless serves more than 20,000 businesses across the UK and Europe, with further growth planned. 

Go Cardless Cover Image for the Company Connecting article The Future of Banking: An Interview with GoCardless