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Highland Council is the focus of the seventh infographic in the Company Cnnecting is the 2019-2020 series.  You can check out the rest of our Scottish Council region maps here.

This infographic features 90 IT/Tech companies based in the Highland Council area. the Highlands has a strong SME industry with over 29% of it's IT companies working in this sector. Healthcare and digital health are also key for the Highland area

We recently updated all of our data on Scottish technology to include all companies created up to the end of 2018. We have almost 5,000 companies on our database, 2,656 of which are based in Scotland. We take a look at the skills, sectors served, company focus area, age and size.

We have the most detailed database of Scottish Tech and IT companies. We want to promote Scottish tech and allow companies to find each other as we see collaboration between business as one of the most important areas for any company. 

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