Infographic: Information on IT companies in Glasgow and the surrounding area

Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in and around the Glasgow area. Once again Software Development comes out as the top skill. Sizewise, 65% of companies have less than 10 employees. The top three sectors that IT companies provides services to are: Utilities, Retail & Consumer Goods and Financial Services. Financial Services is in the top three sectors for both Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Healthcare is also a key sector for all the areas we have looked at so far. This is the third area infographic we have published. It is worth comparing all three.

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Please take a look at our infographic below. It is interactive, so you can hover over the word clouds and charts to get more information.

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I was orriginally trained as a Civil Engineer at Strathclyde university ( BSc 1967) and returned to do a Doctoral Thesis on the Modelling of Curved (in PLAN) Bridge decks ...but before completion of PhD was offered a Lectureship in Structural Engineering { within the Dept of Civil Engineering U of Strathclyde }

I started the Lectureship on 1st Jan 1970 and taught Stiffness and Flexibility methods at UG and PG level as well as Computer programming ( mainly BASIC ) but akso some use of simple Computer applications again to UG and PG

The additional Course at PG level related to the Design.Analysis of Highway Bridge Modelling

I developed Classical Analysis Methods : Finite Element : Grillage : and Simplified Models which indicate

if more RIGOUROUS methods really are Needed

In the Mid 1970s ( 1975 ) developed a Consultancy CABA {Ecosse}  where CABA represents Computer Aided Bridge Analysis 

Retired from Univeristy of Strathclyde on 1st Jan 1990 and the concentrated on setting uo further consultancy 3S Group:Alba}   where 3S stands fro Structural Simulation Software ...for more general Structural ..and enhanced the Finite Element..for Curved in Plsn ...but also Rectangular Decks : Classical methods : Relaxaction  methods : as well as Multi Storey / Multi Bay Structures :

Also in conjuction with other IT Professionals set uo brieflly SOLVE  2K provide advice and reassurance to companies who feared the probemd ( REAL/IMAGINED) of the Year 2000 problem

After that have tried to develop ONLINE material for advice  /Online Training for Enginners wnting Eperience in Structural Modelling

The Original Analysis contained a ( Mesh Generation / tool ) which had key words to CHECK VARIEITY of DATA Validitity ..ensuring that the DATA passed on to the Main package ...Forming Element Stiffness : Assemlby into the TOTAL Structural Matrix : Next Program  takes { Kstruct} stored in a Datastructure ...{ a Large Datafile filled with numbers placed by appropriate Row,Column and ( bandwidth) ; which when taken a similar Structured Applied Load ...can the back substitute to produce array of NODAL Displacements ( Delection , Rotate about X,and Y axis or in CURVED deck case Rotations about R and O axis )

Having produced the Niodal Dispkacements can now take these and Element Stiffness to get NODAL forces which may have to be added to ( additional terms from Distributed Load on a MEMBER/Element)

Studied modelling using Grillage to represent Simple or Complex Deck including (Voided Slab etc)

And then cut down to a BEAM on ELASTIC FOUNDATION type model which could be used as a First estimate as to whether a FULLER ANALYSIS might be required because of the DECK geometry

Similarly There were studies of the problems caused in the Case of the CURVED (in Plan) Deck due to the value of the enclosed angle between the SUPPORT LINE....and this can be seen simply by looking at CURVED BEAM with ar range of O(enclosed) ...bit another parameter is caused by SPAN to Width ration and also ( Rin to Rout ) values

I have tried to begin to create USABLE PRESENTATION Modules to explain these Points ... initially in Raw POWERPOINT ...then with ( 3d Book form) moving towards ANIMATED Powerpoint ...but soon to Voiced and Video insert methods to male the Experience better...perhaps use You-tube or a Cheap Web Camera or Very Cheap Video camera ...available at about £20 

Hi Douglas, Thank you very much for your message. It would be best if you contact us at to see if we can help. We hold details of companies, so if you can e-mail us and advise us of your company, we can then provide you with access to update your company profile. 

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