IT Companies

Companies involved in Information technology can specialise in a single area of technology or supply a range of products and services.

Looking at the Tech Nation 2017 Digital tech economy map, it looks like Scotland stops at Dundee: there's so much more in Scotland.

Company Connecting has researched the majority of IT companies registered in Scotland. We have maps for Scotland, by Council and by city as well as infographics on skills and company size. Glasgow and Edinburgh are by far the largest centres of IT with 518 and 516 IT companies respectively. Next up is Aberdeen with 195 IT companies, and Dundee is in fourth place with 75 companies.  Over the past year we have published infographics on all of the areas in Scotland. There are significant differences in the ski

Its all Happening at Company Connecting

Company Connecting is currently adding lots of new Companies to our data to ensure we remain the authority for information on IT and tech SMEs.

Here's looking at you Newcastle and North East England

The tech industry in the North East is buzzing - loads of IT companies, a vibrant University community and organisations supporting tech initiatives.

Edinburgh IT Companies: The 2017 Infographic Series from Company Connecting

 Edinburgh IT Companies Infographic using CC data to provide real insight into some exciting work going on within Edinburgh's IT & Tech industry

In the past we have brought you map by city, and also by post code. For the first time we bring you the spread of IT companies by council area. You will see  in the map below that the City of Edinburgh has the most IT companies.

Scottish Council Gradient Map

Scottish IT Companies: The 2017 Infographic Series

Company Connecting spent a  time researching, curating and tagging the 2,400 Scottish IT Companies in it’s directory, and it is Scottish companies which are the focus of this latest infographic.

Company Connecting is the authority on Scottish IT SMEs. We start 2017 by releasing a new infographic settign the digital scene for Scotland

Company Connecting Graph of Scottish IT Companies by sector

IT Companies in the Healthcare and Digital health sectors: A Company Connecting Infographic

An infographic of IT companies involved in Healthcare and specifically Digital Health in the UK. This infographic provides an insight into the type of information we hold in Company Connecting.

This week at Company Connecting we are focusing on Digital Health, an emerging discipline which involves the use of IT and communication technology to improve the lives of patients and the effectiveness of various treatments by health practitioners.

Image of a doctor looking at information accompanying the Company Connecting article IT Companies in the Healthcare and Digital health sectors: A Company Connecting Infographic

Continuing our focus on Aberdeen IT people and companies, we are taking a look at the IT companies providing services and products in the Oil & Gas sector.  About 40% of the IT companies in the Aberdeen area work with the Oil & Gas sector, and about 52% of the total number of IT companies working in Oil & Gas are located in the Aberdeen area, leaving 48% located throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

GRaph of the other sectors that IT companies who work in the Oi & Gas Sector also work in - another Company Connecting Insight