Today's nutshell is Delia Bulgaru. Delia is a student in media at Robert Grodon's University. She was a placement student at Company Connecting, and she is now working with us part time to help with our social media

Image of Delia Bulgaru, accompanying the Company Connecting article 'in a nutshell'

In a Nutshell with John Gillies of Clark IT

What's the connection between BT Internet, Michael Hutchence, and the Dounreay nuclear plant? john's nutshell provides an insight into the man himself. The main issue he is currently addressing is the increased workload beccause of the introduction of the General Data Protecion Regularion (GDPR...

In a Nutshell: Robin Prior MD of Abergower, specialists in 3D Printing & Document Scanning

We are bringing back our “In a Nutshell” series where we ask entrepreneurs and business people a series of questions to get an idea of what makes them tick.

This week the spotlight is on Robin Prior who started out as a trainee salesman for Tandy TRS80 series. Today he is Managing...

Next instalment in our Student & Graduate series: we spoke to Iona Murray of Wallet Services who's also studying Marketing & Business in Edinburgh.

Iona Murray Edinburgh University Student Marketing Scotland

This weeks Nutshell is David Howarth of iDE8. His company does some pretty interesting stuff which includes exploring the concept of tricorders. "Trekkies" will know that tricorders were used in the Starfleet to scan and examine living beings as well as recording data and numerous other activities. 

Image of a tricorder accompanying the David Howarth Nutshell. A Tricorder is a a tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data.

In a Nutshell with Kenny Steele of Pinnacle Visualisation

Our nutshell today is Kenny Steele of Pinnacle Visualisation. Kenny and his sister Lynsey Steele set up Pinnacle Visualisation three years ago. They participated in the first Elevator Accelerator cohort which helped them to consolidate their vision for the business. They have worked closely with...

Today's nutshell is Kenny Steele, Director of Pinnacle Visualisation. Pinnacle Visualisation is an innovative software development house specialising in Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions.

Photograph of Kenny Steele of Pinnacle Visualisation - this weeks Company Connecting Nutshell

Today's nutshell is David Eccles, Director of Wallscope. Wallscope is focused on developing Artificial Intelligence tools which semantically enhance ‘non semantic’ pieces of content.

Wallscope was formed to enable David and his colleague Ian Allaway to  build on the research and development they had carried out in the area of semantic technology and linked data principles.

Picture of Alice Cooper with Salvador Dali - for the article on David Eccles of Wallscope - experts in artificial intelligence and Semantic technologies

Today's nutshell is Craig Buchan, Founder and Managing Director of Qpal. Qpal brings cashless event experience to the events industry and delivers bespoke data analytics solutions.

Headshot of Craig Buchan founder and managing director of Qpal, a Company Connecting Nutshell

Ewan Waugh of E-wan Networks is the subject of today's nutshell. Ewan sees great opportunities in the Unified Communications Solutions market. Over the years he has amassed considerable experience in telecoms and has been involved in the deployment of the largest and most complex Skype for Business solution globally.

Photograph of Ewan Waugh of E-Wan Networks, the subject of a Company Connecting nutshell