In a Nutshell with Dr. Abiola Abimbola of NetHost Legislation

Today's nutshell is Dr. Abiola Abimbola, Director of NetHost Legislation. NetHost Legislation is an information security compliance assurance company providing services to many diverse companies including the financial and banking sector.


Main Focus of the Business

IT Security and compliance. We help companies reach PCI DSS certification. Any company that transfers, or stores payment card information must be compliant with PCI DSS. We also assess companies for ISO 270001 standards. ISO 270001 is the international standard for an information management security management (IMS) to protect your confidential data and processes

What do you do now?

We provide ISO training and management system certification- ISO27001/ISO22301/ ISO9001/ISO14001, alongside Cyber Essentials Certification and PCI DSS Consultancy.

I am the certification auditor for ISO 27001. I did a PhD in Information Security with Professor William Buchanan at Napier University. I worked for a couple of years in London and decided I would enjoy the challenge of setting up my own company and creating a business around Information and Cyber Security.

What was your very first job?

My very first job was in Liverpool, where I carried out a penetration test for an SME. I was a student in Liverpool, studying for my Masters in Computer Science when I received an e-mail from a translation company who were looking for someone to assess their website. I replied, got the job, and that gave me the confidence to pursue the idea of being self employed.

How did you get into IT?

My first Degree was in Engineering but my final year project was more computer architecture related; and that created an interest in IT.

Interesting fact about You?

Although I am highly technical, and resilient -   my sense of direction could be improved. Infact I was 20 minutes late for my Maths ‘A’ level because I got lost.

Favourite Place?

I love Edinburgh. It is beautiful and at the same time metropolitan.

Dream Car?

Porsche Panamera

Who would you most like to meet and why?

Charlie Chaplin. I would like to ask him how he created the tramp. I love Charlie Chaplin – just the raw talent – without talking he is so expressive and you understand everything.

Current Aspirations for the business

We are very proud of the feedback we get on quality of our service. My ambition is to stay at the forefront of Information Security compliance and continue to supply a quality, professional service.

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First published on Company Connecting July 2016

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