Scott Petrie started his journey in IT with the school computing society where he had the opportunity to tinker with a number of early computers e.g. ZX81 and the Apple II. Through his company Analysis Logic, he now provides a variety of services.

Scott Petrie of Analysis Logic was hooked on Computing by a ZX81,

 IT is in his DNA!

Mike has worked in large IT companies for more than 20 years. He set up Chanonry Consulting in 2014 to provide business devleopment support, marketing, channel strategy and training/enablement advice to IT resellers, vendors and customers.

Mike Plested - transition from multi national to SME

In a Nutshell is a lighthearted look at a person involved in IT. We kick off with Janice Grant Shaw the founder of Company Connecting. Next week we will be hearing from  Mike Plested of Chanonry Consulting.

Alfa Romeo 4c - Janice Grant Shaw's dream car