The Oil & Gas industry started in the UK in the 1970's with first production in the 1980's.

In Aberdeen City and Shire here are 284 IT companies in the area, which is very high given the population size. 65% of companies have less than 10 employees, and 20% have more than 20 employees. It is no surprise that Oil & Gas is the top sector, but there is a huge diversity in skills, sectors and business focus of the IT companies in the area. Given the current issues with the Oil & Gas industry, and the diversity of the IT companies in the area, one would expect that the products and services would be transferrable to other sectors.


This is a word cloud of the skills in IT companies providing products and services in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire accompanying the article Company Connecting Infographic: IT companies in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

This week we talked with Calum McHardy– director of Unicom. Unicom offers a wide range of digital services relating to 3D animation and digital presentation. However, our talk continued Company Connecting’s series on Augmented reality.

Augmented Reality picture of a building from Wikipedia Commons UAR NAi Best Practice Poster

Some musings on entering a world where DNS and SEO are omnipresent TLAs, Ruby is your best friend and if myths are to be believed hipsters drive the new economy!

Photograph of Paul Lindop accompanies his article for Company Connecting on being a tech newbie

Continuing our focus on Aberdeen IT people and companies, we are taking a look at the IT companies providing services and products in the Oil & Gas sector.  About 40% of the IT companies in the Aberdeen area work with the Oil & Gas sector, and about 52% of the total number of IT companies working in Oil & Gas are located in the Aberdeen area, leaving 48% located throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

GRaph of the other sectors that IT companies who work in the Oi & Gas Sector also work in - another Company Connecting Insight

Ewan Waugh of E-wan Networks is the subject of today's nutshell. Ewan sees great opportunities in the Unified Communications Solutions market. Over the years he has amassed considerable experience in telecoms and has been involved in the deployment of the largest and most complex Skype for Business solution globally.

Photograph of Ewan Waugh of E-Wan Networks, the subject of a Company Connecting nutshell

I recently read an article by Tom Popomaronis, ‘Science says you shouldn’t work more than this number of hours a week’ which started me thinking about the hours I work and have worked in the past. The guts of the article is that working too long can affect your health and your personal life and after a certain number of hours, productivity declines.

I don’t think there are any surprises in the article but my response is that the number of hours and the reason for working these hours DEPENDS on so many different things. Working in IT, I have had my share of all nighters, and this is the case in many other professions e.g. the military, farming, hospitality, doctors and husky drivers (see photo).

huskies pulling a sled. Accompanies Company Connecting article. How many hours is too Many?

IT companies in the Oil & Gas sector: Infographic from Company Connecting

This week's Company Connecting infographic is IT companies providing products and services within the Oil & Gas sector. There is some interesting information e.g.

  • Out of 3,100+ IT companies on the Company Connecting database, 203 provide services and products to the Oil & Gas
  • ...

We have researched 2,300+ Scottish IT companies and our information has been augmented by IT companies updating their profiles. This weeks infographic provides details on the sectors, business focus, skills, company size and  the towns where these businesses are located.

  • 629 companies provide Software Development skills. 
  • 1,681 of companies have less 20 employees
  • The top three sectors are IT,  Oil & Gas  and Financial Services. Clearly IT companies provide a lot of products and services to one another.
Company Connecting word cloud of the IT skills in Scotland

This series of articles has considered the ability for large and small companies to collaborate and work together. The reasons for working together are to provide larger companies with access to innovative companies whilst at the same time helping to bridge any skills gaps. Small companies gain by better utilisation of their resources, and the economy gains by the growth of small companies.

Janice Grant Shaw author of Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Breaking the Mould

Read all about Bill Whibley of Aventa Systems, and his interests in Tesla cars, Choi Kwang Do as well as growing Aventa Systems into the US market. 

In a nutshell with Bill Whibley of Aventa Solutions