Scottish IT Companies working in Cyber Security - Infographic

Fitting in with the theme of this week’s articles, Company Connecting has published its first Scotland-specific Cyber Security Infographic, shown at the bottom of this article. Company Connecting data has previously published Infographics on Cyber Security topic over a much larger geographical area, and interestingly the results are quite different.


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Most notably, in Scotland, a far smaller percentage of Cyber Security companies have more than 20 employees: in other areas of the UK there are many more large companies with Cyber Security skills. A likely reason that other areas have many larger companies in Cyber Security is potentially down to the urgent, persistent need for companies of all sizes to protect themselves from cyber threats of all kinds. Perhaps the smaller size of Cyber Security companies in Scotland is a sign that it is still a developing industry in Scotland and there is insufficient awareness here of the need for companies to keep themselves properly secure. All the more reason, then, to understand how the current 264 companies in Scotland with Cyber Security skills are shaping this hugely important industry for a modern country.

Scotland, and particularly Edinburgh, has a large Financial Services industry, and these organisations are clearly particularly focused on Cyber Security as Financial Services is the largest sector for Cyber Security skills in Scotland. The IT sector features fairly highly as well and there is also strong representation in Cyber Security from Government, Retail and Oil and Gas.

In terms of the skills possessed by these companies, the general picture seems to be that Cyber Security is an industry that stands on its own within IT and tech, as there seems to be a great focus on and need for individuals who are skilled in understanding security issues and where weaknesses exist; rather than a primary focus on developing new products and solutions. This is reflected in the fact that Software Development comes 10th in skills in Scottish Cyber Security, whereas in other industries that have been recently featured in Company Connecting Infographics, Software Development has often been far and away the most common skill that is employed.

As you would expect there are Cyber Security companies scattered all across Scotland. The word cloud in the infographic below shows all the locations where these companies are situated. It also shows that Edinburgh holds the most Cyber Security companies in Scotland.

That’s just a summary, but to fully observe how Cyber Security is progressing in Scotland make sure you look over the infographic below. It’s a good place to start understanding the industry in general, and if you’d like to know more about Cyber Security the CC blog is full of articles about fascinating Cyber Security creations, companies and issues. We also regularly talk about these on our various social media platforms. Definitely worth a look!

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"Scottish IT Companies working in Cyber Security - Infographic" First published on Company Connecting June 2017

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