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Continuing on with our 2019-2020 series we are looking at the SME Tech sector in Scotland. We recently did several infographics covering Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland tech which you can view here.

We provide insights into 462 Scottish IT companies that work and provide services in the SME sector in Scotland. Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have a 20% percent share of the companies. The top skill is Web Design which is, In all the other sector infographics we made the top skill was software development. We will be releasing several more infographics over the coming weeks covering various industry sectors.

Bar chart of sectors companies working accompanying the infographic SME Tech 2019-2020 Infographic || Company Connecting

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The Start Up Series by Company Connecting. Parts Two and Three.

Continuing the Start Up series by Janice Grant-Shaw. Looking at converting ideas into a business.

When I started Company Connecting, I never thought of it as a ‘Start up’. I had several ideas for a business and key for me was to be independent and live up to my new motto ‘Life is too short to work for someone else’.

Life is too short to work for someone else. Company Connecting Start up series Part One

There are a myriad of straws that can break start-ups backs. Usually they boil down to time and money or more specifically timing and lack of money.  Compounding issues of gaps in the management’s business skill set often add to a devil’s brew.

Clock and papers accompanying the article. the time is ticking for start-ups. Company Connecting article. Why do Start-Ups go Bust? by Keith Wilson