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The Role of Wearables in Digital Health

After a busy month focusing on Cyber Security, Company Connecting now turns it’s attention to another important topic within IT and Technology, Digital Health. First up we have an article by João Bocas, a digital health influencer and speaker. Based in London, João speaks about wearable...

Wearable technologies have made the switch from niche gadgets to mainstream mainstays as more people are becoming users that want to influence and control their own health. It’s truly inspirational to see companies surpassing year-on-year growth with the latest inventive wear containing heart level monitors, pedometers, and calories pawns, to name a few. A big focus has been adopted to refine a patient’s experience within severe care, restoration, and community-based care amenities, with wearables supporting patient’s in making the transition from hospital care to independent self-care.

Image of woman exercising accompanying the article: The Role of Wearables in Digital Health