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This week’s infographic is IT companies working in the Oil & Gas Sector. Not surprisingly at least 50% of the companies are based in the North East of Scotland, but there is a good spread across Scotland. Software Development is the top skill again, with 37% of IT companies involved in developing software. Project Management and Business Analysis are also in the top three skills.

This is a word cloud of the skills in companies providing products and services to the Oil & Gas Sector: Another Company Connecting infographic

IT companies in the Oil & Gas sector: Infographic from Company Connecting

This week's Company Connecting infographic is IT companies providing products and services within the Oil & Gas sector. There is some interesting information e.g.

  • Out of 3,100+ IT companies on the Company Connecting database, 203 provide services and products to the Oil & Gas
  • ...

Our infographic of IT companies providing services and products to the Healthcare sector has some interesting information. The companies tend to be larger than the average IT SME, and the top three further sectors they service are FInancial Services, the Public Sector and Education. The top business focus is Patient Information. 


IT companies in the Healthcare sector: Infographic from Company Connecting

We have completed publishing the details of IT companies in Scotland by region. We will update the details periodically as our database of IT companies expands. Tomorrow we publish an infographic of IT companies providing products and services within the Healthcare sector. There is some...

We have researched 2,300+ Scottish IT companies and our information has been augmented by IT companies updating their profiles. This weeks infographic provides details on the sectors, business focus, skills, company size and  the towns where these businesses are located.

  • 629 companies provide Software Development skills. 
  • 1,681 of companies have less 20 employees
  • The top three sectors are IT,  Oil & Gas  and Financial Services. Clearly IT companies provide a lot of products and services to one another.
Company Connecting word cloud of the IT skills in Scotland

This weeks infographic on IT companies looks at Perthshire, the North of Scotland and the North of Scotland, a huge and beautiful part of Scotland. IT companies are scattered throughout the region. We have companies in the Isle of Lewis, Wick, Fort William and Spean Bridge. The heaviest concentration is in Perth itself with 29 of the companies.

59% of the companies are involved in software, apps and web development, and SEO, so a strong emphasis on web and apps.

This is the Skills word cloud for IT companies in Perthshire and North Scotland - Software Development comes top again.

Falkirk, Stirling and Kirkcaldy - this week's infographic on IT companies

This week our infographic is companies in the Falkirk, Stirling and Kirkcaldy area. Once again Software Development comes out top with 64 out of the 219 companies having skills in that area. Course Design is in the top 10 with 26 companies and covers all sorts of training. Companies are working...

Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in Dundee City and Angus. The majority of the companies are in Dundee, but there are a few in Montrose and Forfar too.

There is a very strong focus on Games in the area. Oil & Gas comes second. For the first time we see Comics appearing -  reflecting Dundee's heritage with the Beano and Dundee as well as journalism.

Dundee Dragon

Games comes top. Which area of Scotland is the subject of this weeks infographic?

The Dundee area is this week's Company Connecting infographic on IT companies. There are 95 companies working in IT of which 74% have less than 20 employees. It's no surprise that Games is the top sector. The Oil & Gas sector comes next reflecting Dundee's proximity to Aberdeen. Once again...

Software Development is the top skill again in our Infographic of IT companies in the Inverness area.

Our Inverness infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in and around the Inverness area. Once again Software Development comes out as the top skill (28 companies). Sizewise, 65% of companies have less than 10 employees. The top three sectors that IT...