Company Connecting is a platform dedicated to sourcing and connecting talented IT companies and professionals with those searching for IT skills. At present, we have ‘hand-researched’ all of Scotland’s IT companies, and now we’re meticulously expanding into the rest of the UK.

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In a Nutshell - our series of articles featuring people in the IT industry

We regularly feature people in the IT industry in our Nutshell series. There is such a diversity of skills, talent and people. Below are links to three of our Nutshells. REad all of them to find out whay we ahve a picture of Kylie. 

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We can't afford to continue doing things in the same old way.

Currently there is a shortage of skilled workers for the digital global economy. What are the issues that companies face? What can companies do to get the best resources? Read Kenny McAllister's views on how to find the best talent.

Kenny McAllister: Finding the Best Talent As Part of Your Growth Strategy