The Technology Elements Driving and Adopting Digital Health by Sarah Iqbal of Biotaware

Sarah Iqbal's second piece on the technology which is driving the Digital Health industry's growth.

With the rise of digital health, the opportunities for organisations of digital health applications (See our first article here to learn more about the digital health industry) are growing rapidly. Products such as Apple’s ResearchKit(link is external)and Google Fit and Apple Health(link is external) are all providing wider access to valuable consumer health and clinical data gathered from a variety of sources and hardware sensors. This article explores what components of technology that is needed to enable digital technology to be adopted i.e. mobile applications and wearables to interact with cloud servers and databases and how these technologies can be deployed.

Tech picture accompanying the article The Technology Elements Driving and Adopting Digital Health by Sarah Iqbal of Biotaware

Healthcare and digital technology are two niches that have not traditionally been associated. However, with the evolution of the healthcare industry has come the need to be more efficient, affordable and effective. This is how the birth of digital health came about.

Digital Health Technology UK App

Artificial Intelligence and Related Skills Infographic

Using Company Connecting data to create an infographic of AI companies in the UK

Looking for IT Companies or just want to know what sort of IT skills are available and where?

We have researched more than 10,000 companies to get the information on the 3,300+ companies we have on our Company Connecting database. We completed the research on the Scottish IT companies some time ago. Recently we have concentrated on the Cambridgeshire area, and at the same time IT companies from elsewhere in the UK and overseas have registered and updated their company profiles.

Company Connecting word cloud of the skills for all the IT companies on our database

We have information of 2,700+ IT companies in the UK. We hold details for almost 2,300 Scottish IT companies and just over 400 in the rest of the UK.The map shows the hotspots.

Company Connecting - Heat Map - State of the Digital Nation

Can there really be such a difference in the availability of Cyber Security skills in Scotland and England? 

Our current information suggests that about 1% of IT companies in Scotland offer Cyber Security skills and services and 11.5% in England.  Our data for England is incomplete but given that Cyber Security skills are very much in the public eye we felt it was worth publishing the map using all the information we have for the UK.


Interactive Map of Cyber Security Skills in the UK