Vantage POB

Vantage POB (Personnel On Board) is CGI’s leading personnel tracking and flight scheduling system. It is used by the oil and gas industry to control and monitor the movements of personnel to, from and between offshore and onshore facilities.

Effective emergency response requires knowing where everybody is at all times. Tracking the movements of personnel in the field and making sure they have gone through the correct safety training to perform their work is crucial for emergency response and mitigation. Standardising the POB business process through Vantage POB enhances safety, security and operational efficiency.

This series of articles has considered the ability for large and small companies to collaborate and work together. The reasons for working together are to provide larger companies with access to innovative companies whilst at the same time helping to bridge any skills gaps. Small companies gain by better utilisation of their resources, and the economy gains by the growth of small companies.

Janice Grant Shaw author of Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Breaking the Mould