A Company Connecting one minute video which takes a look at the various factors that companies should consider when looking for help with technology.

An Image from the Company Connecting Define Search Match service accompanying the article: How do you take the risk out of  finding the right IT partners?

A short video from Company Connecting on its Define Search Match service which helps match any company up with the right IT company to provide tech products and services

Picture accompanying the Company Connecting video for the Define Search Match service

Watch our 70 second overview to Malware. A new video from Company Connecting as part of our spotlight on Cyber Security across the month of October. This video focuses on Malware and is bound to be of interest to professionals working in the field and those with an interest in Cyber Security.

Company Connecting Malware Video

Continuing our spotlight on Cyber Security, here is another high level overview of a significant Cyber Security threat, 'Malware'. This video is bound to be of interest to both professionals working in the Cyber Security industry, as well as those with a more general interest in the field....

Throughout October Company Connecting is publishing a number of articles, videos and infographics on Cyber security.

Watch our 50 second introduction to Cyber Security.


The first slide in our anaimated introduction to the Company Connecting introduction to Cyber Security

Healthcare and Augmented Reality, one minute facts from Company Connecting.

Previously we published a video on Augmented Reality using infographics with data from our database as well as some other sources. This video concentrates on the use of Augmented Reality within the Healthcare and medical area.

Picture of man looking at screens accompanying the article Healthcare and Augmented Reality: Company Connecting 1 minute video

This is a short introductory video to Augmented Reality and the information we hold on Company Connecting. We have not included any sound track - but if you would prefer some sort of sound track, the please let us know.




It only takes 23 seconds to find potential suppliers who can help your business, and it only takes 23 seconds to be found by a potential customer!

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