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Today's nutshell is Delia Bulgaru. Delia is a student in media at Robert Grodon's University. She was a placement student at Company Connecting, and she is now working with us part time to help with our social media

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It’s great to see the progress of our Company Connecting clients. We help the iOpt team with the selection of technology partners and providing input to the delivery of the overall project.

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives, from chatbots to voice-controlled virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. We are in the midst of a digital revolution which is ever more dependent on AI-powered application

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Our Company Connecting infographic analyses 123 tech companies with AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Analytics capabilities. We provide insights into the nature of these companies by looking at their skills, size, age, sectors and focus areas.



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Every office needs a person with significant IT understanding to provide support to employees and to make sure that the office, email platform, wifi network, and any other system your business uses are in place and working correctly. Finding this IT partner can be challenging, as you need to make sure the company you engage with has an understanding of your business and what you do. They need to be willing to maintain your systems and identify improvements that can make a difference to your staff and business. 

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Company Connecting asked Graeme Gordon of IFB for his views on technology in the Oil & Gas sector and the impact of the recent downturn. Graeme provides some great insights including a comparison between transferring Oil & Gas assets with transferring Ronaldo!

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Company Connecting spoke with Ian Watt of The Data Lab and Code the City to get his insights into technology and the Oil & Gas sector. Ian Watt works on machine learning, AI and data analytics and helps push forward innovative technology solutions.

Earlier this week Company Connecting published an infographic which looks at 289 IT and telecoms companies providing services and products to the Oil & Gas sector. More than half of these companies are in the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshireshire council areas. The industry is of huge importance to the North East of Scotland.  

In conjunction with the infographic we are publishing several articles and interviews offering further insights into technology in the Oil & Gas sector.

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The UK has a thriving oil and gas industry, having extracted close to 44 billion barrels since 1964. Despite (or perhaps because) of the recent downturn, technology companies are becoming incremental in the development of the oil and gas sector. Technology can help to optimise the extraction process as well as increase the overall productivity of the whole sector by implementing digital tools.

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An Interview with Angus Addlesee of Heriot-Watt university. He talks about his fascinating work into the field of conversational AI and how it can help with the healthcare and mental wellbeing of the elderly.