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I’ve always been a passionate student of pure mathematics and logic, thriving on creatively visualising problems to achieve solutions, and pursued this throughout full-time education.

After gaining more tangible experience working and travelling in the wider world, my enthusiasm turned more toward pragmatism. I completed an MA in mathematics before working for two years as a geophysicist on large scale production projects in reflection seismology, after which I progressed to an R&D role within the company where I developed algorithms and helped maintain a codebase.

During the recent industry downturn I decided to return to academia, to pursue a broader programming knowledge and gain further research experience, where I worked on a research project validating cheap and available data sources for a continuous biometric monitoring system with medical applications. It was here that I gained an interest in machine learning, which I have pursued to date both in my career and in private study. Most recently I worked in cybersecurity. I was seconded to one of the large UK banks where I helped build security monitoring systems which analysed and alerted on terabytes of log data daily. This work included interacting with big data platforms such as Splunk and Hadoop.

Latterly I pursued work on a UEBA project, utilising contemporary anomaly detection methods combined in probabilistic models to monitor for internal security threats. I left this position for personal reasons, and am currently looking for work which will continue to both challenge and stimulate my interest in data analytics.

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