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PB Associates  have had a long association with DataEase, from being Gold Dealers in the early days to being Partners now.  We first started creating databases using DataEase in the early 1980s and from experience we know that there are many older versions of the software still in use.  Should you need advice about any aspect of DataEase, be it maintenance, upgrade, rewrite or purchase, then please feel free to contact us at or via the contact form below.

DataEase software has had a long and chequered history, and we thought that other users of the software might like to share some of its ups and downs:-

The latest release at the time of writing is V8.5: This is a vastly improved product from even the most recent version and is enabling databases to be created that have a modern look and feel to them.  In addition to DataEase itself, products have also been released that can enable users of V4 and V5 DOS and V6 Windows systems to use their databases on later versions of Windows.

2013       The first completely new version produced by a new team was produced (V8.0).  This product was a step change away from the V7 releases and a vast improvement in both reliability and capability.  Users saw this and started to upgrade, some from DOS products that were over 20 years old!

2011       The final release of this version of the product (V7.2.3) was produced. 

2006       The next version (V7.0) was produced.  There were so many changes and so many bugs in the initial release of this product that once again users chose to stay with previous versions.

2004       The final release of this version of the Windows product (V6.52) was produced.

2002       An improved version of the Windows product was produced, with the DOS product now being discontinued.  Although an improvement on the 1995 version, it was now too late for many of the DOS users, who were either not interested in a Windows version or had moved on to different software products.

1995       The first mainstream version of the product running under Windows was produced, alongside an updated DOS version.  Many users did not like the Windows product and chose to continue using the DOS products.

1992       The final release of the LAN product (V4.53) was produced.

1988       The first version to include LAN functionality was produced.

1988       The final release of the initial product (V2.53) was produced.

1981       The first version was produced.  In the following years several more versions were produced, including versions branded as Datamaster and Infomaster.

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