Girl Geek Scotland Mentoring Community: Critical Skills for Leadership

Girl Geek Scotland Mentoring Community is holding a number of workshops to help with leadership skills.

The workshops take place on Tuesday 7th November, 6:30 to 9:45 at Whitespace, 36 King's Stables Road, Edinburgh. EH1 2EU

Refreshments of wine/soft drinks and nibbles are provided, and the event is FREE to attend.

Entry is by pre-registration on Eventbrite only so please make sure you Register on Eventbrite


1. Essential Skills for the Board in a Digital Age
If you are an entrepreneur looking for your board members or if you have ambitions to be on one this is for you.

2. Do You Have The X-Factor? 
The secret list that most large companies have for leadership roles and how to get on it.

3. Growing Up In The Business.
Changing minds, changing behaviours and getting used to making business decisions that affect friends and colleagues.




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