Glimpse of the Future of Project Controls event - London - 28 Nov

As projects grow in complexity and present greater risk, effective management and control is proving to be more challenging than ever. To improve margins its critical to make use of technological advantages as they emerge. With radical improvements in the ease with which software systems can be developed there is now a flood of innovation onto the market.

How do you know which is worth examing further? Our Glimpse of the Future event gives a forum to outstanding, fresh and extremely innovative companies who are new on the market.

Meet the people behind the most interesting advances we have found letting them take your questions in an audience of your peers. Each presentation will be limited to 15 minutes. After all the presentations we will break into groups for further discussion, one-on-one demonstrations and networking in a beautiful environment with a fantastic view of The River Thames.

This "Glimpse" event format is ideal for people who are interested in innovation but time poor. Its for people who believe in the importance of meeting face to face with vendors when considering technological solutions.

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