IT Job Seekers! Great opportunity to get the jobs you want

Are you looking for a job in IT? How easy have you found it?

Company Connecting would like to help IT job seekers find the jobs they want. The IT market is complex but Company Connecting’s unique position means we can offer you an outstanding level of accuracy and reach in promoting yourself in your job search.

If you’re viewing this page you’re looking at a Company Connecting Classified advert. This one is different content from our usual ads but you can view our full collection of Classifieds by clicking on the Classifieds heading of this site.

Imagine there was one of those ads for you.

Readers of Company Connecting’s website and various social media platforms are all IT-specific, due to the nature of what we do within IT. If you were to advertise yourself in a Company Connecting Classified ad it would be seen by exactly the kinds of people and companies you would like to be accessing in your job hunt.

Importantly, we are not currently charging job seekers for placing an ad in our Classifieds, so access to this potentially breakthrough opportunity won’t cost you anything.

If you are interested, send us an email to and we’ll take it from there. Alternatively you can phone us on 08456435375.

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