R&D Grants – Scotland

R&D Grants – Scotland

If your company is carrying out any form of Research & Development, then its worth looking at the Scottish Enterprise site (https://www.scottish-enterprise.com/support-for-businesses/funding-and-grants/business-grants/research-and-development-grant)  to see what is available.

If you can fulfill all the bullets below then its definitely worth applying:

  • Your business is based in or planning to locate in Scotland
  • Your project represents a significant innovation for your company
  • You can demonstrate that your idea has commercial prospects
  • You have the necessary management and technical expertise and resources, either in-house or brought-in, to make the project a success
  • The project cannot go ahead without the R&D grant or would proceed in slower timescale or significantly reduced scope, which would have detrimental impact on the commercial opportunity
  • Both the project and the business are financially viable


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